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Hi! I'm from Brussels, Belgium but as I work in a diplomatic framework as well... I have lived quite some time in Africa and also 4 years in Brasil. Since September 2019 I'm living in Luanda, Angola. I started to work intensively with analogue B&W photography in 1993. This resulted in a couple of series: 'Désir Désert', 'The Hidden Mask' and 'Black Orpheus'. They were exhibited in various countries. 

In 2012 'The Hidden Mask' was published as a book (available on Amazon). 

In 2014 I curated a large photo exhibition in Brasilia around the theme of 'being in the city' (Na Cidade) and in 2016 I presented my first digital series 'The Tantric Body' in Brasilia (Galeria A Casa da Luz Vermelha). Contact me if you have any questions, if you like to invite me to exhibit or if you're interested to purchase a Black&white Baryth gallery print or a colour digital print.  

Most recent exhibitions: 

2022 MUNDOS PARALELOS, Galeria E.L.A., Luanda, Angola

2021 A MASCARA OCULTA, Museu de Antropologia, Luanda, Angola

2017 THE TANTRIC BODY, Vinkem Kerk, Beauvoorde, Belgium

2016 O CORPO TANTRICO, Casa da Luz Vermelha, Brasilia, Brasil

2016 A MASCARA OCULTA, Museu de Arte Sacra, Belém, Brasil

2015 A MASCARA OCULTA, Alliance Française, Brasilia, Brasil 

2015 A MASCARA OCULTA, Alliance Française, Salvador de Bahia, Brasil

2012 THE HIDDEN MASK, Rama Academy, Bujumbura, Burundi

2008 DESIR DESERT/BLACK ORPHEUS, Galerie Rops, Brussels, Belgium

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