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First announcement of my upcoming exhibition in Belgium. Together with my father Gilbert Degraeuwe (Ceramic Sculptures) I will present my latest work which explores the human experience seen from a yogic perspective and in relation to the Universe.

In my father's sculptures - the ones I have chosen for this exhibition - there is also this meditative attitude in the postures, this reaching out for the 'beyond', this longing to connect and find harmony.

So, it's amazing how we found this common ground as we never shared our search in art, as we never communicated with words this common theme. I made some posters for advertising and they express really beautiful how our works blend, how they interrelate. The poster incorporates my photo 'The aura' with one of Gilbert's 'Cyclade Family'. My father often finds inspiration in the biggest artists ever (like Leonardo da Vinci f.i.) and so did I.... The spiritual layer is present but very subtle (there is a reference to Sufism f.i.)... And what has led us both to create more were the incredible photos made by the Hubble telescope and which are now accessible for all of human kind .

Read more about my latest series of photos in the previous blogs about "The Tantric Body".

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