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D É S I R   D É S E R T

A series that started in my early years as an artist photographer ('93) in Tunisia and which became a real passion for desert during at least 5 years. I lived in Kuwait and from there I could easily spent time in the desert. 

For the first series of 'désir désert' in B&W I worked with small negatives, but afterwards start to shoot with the Hasselblatt in 6X6 negatives. Apart from my reading of the desert as a place where humans leave traces, my passion for emptiness, wastelands and pure shapes, these travels into the desert became also a way of meditating in the middle of nowhere...

Later I extended my work also to Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. 

I exhibited this work in Kuwait, Antwerp and Brussels. Some of the works found their way to Belgian embassy offices in the Arabian peninsula.  

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